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Eclectic  Loves A Parade 

For 87 years The Warehouse has been at the center of Eclectic life. Built in 1928 for Lee Hornsby, it has been a center of town commercial activity for cotton merchandizing, lumber, and hardware business for three generations. The children of the town played in the cotton bales and their parents bought and sold the goods that made the town a vital trading center. In 1996, inspired by Mayor Corum,  Aubrey Hornsby repurposed it as a town social and cultural center.  Its massive timbers, red brick walls, old-south aesthetic charm, natural architectural comfort, and grassy lawns inspire down-home livabilty. It has hosted, The Alabama Cotton Festival, Eclectic Trade Days, church ecumenical events, school functions, library summer programs, cub scout campouts, concerts, dinner theater, wedding receptions, and all manner of parties. You can rent its 10,000 square feet, three rooms, 1.5 acres of outdoor event space, stage, amenities, bathrooms, and a private kitchen. Pricing is friendly. It has been has been recently upgraded with heating systems and many improvements to showcase "Eclectic-Americana" events and do its part for the revitalization of rural America.            "Its Eclectic Y'all"....Culture you can Trust

Alabama Cotton Festival

The Eclectic Warehouse